22 Trees under threat at Drumrossie again!

In December, in response to an outcry from the village, the Garioch Area Committee decided that Aberdeenshire Council was not obliged to find an access for the proposed development at Drumrossie, and that cutting down 22 trees was just not acceptable.

We now need your help again as the developer has lodged an Appeal with the Scottish Executive.

Many of those who objected last time will have received a letter from Aberdeenshire Council informing them that their letter of objection will be passed to Scottish Ministers, and offering the opportunity for additional comments to be made.
Other residents can also state their objections at this time, even although they did not do so previously.

Closing date is 10 July

I would be interested to hear from anyone who sent a letter of objection to the original application by e-mail and did not get a letter from Aberdeenshire Council this week, since I suspect that these objectors may have been left out. It would be very useful if you have a copy of the original e-mail, which would have been sent in December.

Circumstances have changed since the original application, since 86 houses are going ahead on the adjoining site on Denwell Road . Work has already started. This large scale development will change the nature of the village and impose an additional burden on the already inadequate infrastructure. We will be in even greater need of our trees and precious green areas.
Since Aberdeenshire Council has stated on the Appeal Questionnaire that they do not wish the appeal to be the subject of a Public Local Inquiry, residents’ representatives will not have an opportunity to put their case in person to a Reporter to the Scottish Executive. You could e-mail Karine Suller Karine.

The original application came before Committee on 20 December when it was difficult for people to find time to respond. Now we have the letters about the appeal being sent out just as many of you will be going off on holiday. The letter states that the Notice of Appeal and other documentation is available at Gordon House, but how many of residents are going to find time to inspect these in the short time available? To be seen to be consulting fairly, Aberdeenshire Council should be asking the Scottish Executive for a delay until after the traditional holiday period.

The majority of people in the village will not know that an Appeal has been lodged. Please help by informing as many people as possible and encouraging them to write.

Many thanks
Mary Murray
(on behalf of Drumrossie Action Group)